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Green Certification

We undertake complete facilitation for pre-certification and certification from USGBC. We have built more than 600 Green building in South Asia regions.

We provide exhaustive consulting services addressing new buildings, renovated buildings, interior design, existing building’s operations and maintenance, neighborhood development and sustainable homes.

It has 4 levels of certification, each level defined by the number of points earned on a scale of 100. The least level is termed certified scoring 40-49 points, progressing to silver scoring 50-59 points, gold scoring 60-79 points and platinum scoring above 80 points.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is a GREEN Building?

A Green Building is one, which in appearance and functionality is the same, as any other building. Any green building would show tremendous concern on efficient utilization of resources, thereby reducing the impact on environment.

In general, a green building would incorporate the following green features:

  • Effective use of existing landscapes
  • Use of energy efficient and Eco-friendly equipment
  • Use of recycled and Environmental friendly Building materials
  • Indoor air quality for human safety and comfort
  • Efficient use of water
  • Use of Non-Toxic & recycled materials
  • Use of renewable energy
  • Effective controls and building management system

Who manages the LEED rating?

US Green Building Council (USGBC):

What are the benefits of a Green Facility?

The benefits of LEED certified projects are both tangible and intangible such as –


• Less operating cost (energy and water)


• Increased market value
• Healthier and safer environment for the occupants
• Green Corporate Image

What types of buildings are eligible for LEED certification?

All types of commercial buildings, Government buildings, Office buildings, Retail complexes, IT parks, Airports, Hotels, Hospitals, Factories, Schools, Colleges, Renovation of Heritage/ Historic buildings, Hostels, Service apartments, Resorts, Motels and Guest houses, Individual homes and high rise residential buildings.

What is the process involved for LEED certification?

LEED Certification process:

• Feasibility study of project by consultants
• Project registration
• Identification and implementation of upgrades necessary to obtain desired level of certification
• Preliminary documentation for first review
• After receiving preliminary review, additional documentation (if any) for final review with required clarifications
• Submit documents to IGBC/USGBC for final review
• Final review comments with certification award
• Acceptance of award/ Appeal for award of rejected credits
• Declaration of award

Costs involved in getting a LEED certification?

The cost depends upon the size of the building, green specifications that are already considered and the level of certification sought (I.e. Certified, Silver, Gold or Platinum).

What are the services required for obtaining LEED rating?

• LEED Facilitation
• Energy Modeling
• Lighting simulation
• Building Commissioning

Need more information or a quote?

Feel free to contact us, or dial our 24/7 hotline +88 01733 502222.




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