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Factory Planning & Machine Layout

Are you considering reorganizing your factory to make it fit for the future? Do you want transparency instead of complex structures that have become established over the years? Has your material flow become very complex over time? Do your production processes involve long distances and high complexity? Or do you want to expand your factory and take the opportunity to restructure your plants at the same time? Do you want to build a new factory and need expert knowledge from a partner with a wealth of planning experience? Are you thinking about integrating another site into your production network or transferring parts of your operations to a new location? Is cost pressure becoming an issue in your production but you are unsure how to cut costs effectively?

Our systematic procedures have been developed for clients wishing to reorganize their factory, plan a new one, or restructure an existing, complex plant. This starts with an analysis of your operations to identify ineffectiveness and improvement potentials. We then offer support throughout the entire factory planning procedure from conception through to implementation in the finished factory. By collaborating with your process experts and our method experts in an integrated project team, we develop individual solutions tailored to your needs.

We can assist you in the following ways:

  • Machine Layout which supports latest and most modern Production System
  • Machine Layout that enables Lean Management
  • Machine Layout that requires less manpower and results in more productivity and efficiency
  • Factory Layout that complies with Accord / Alliance / ILO or other compliance guidelines

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