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Buyer CoC Audit

Many of your customers are now having their own CoC and they tend to conduct CoC audit in your factories.

Buyers like Wal-Mart, Primark, M&S, H&M, Next, Tesco, Mother Care have their own auditing departments and they ensure that you comply with their social compliance and technical standards by auditing periodic inspections in your production facilities.

On the other hand, many businesses look to expand their manufacturing and sourcing capabilities around the world. In doing so, they find that their supply chain workplace conditions are increasingly scrutinized in the countries they wish to enter. Operating within the highest standards of business ethics is an absolute necessity. Businesses can choose to go a step further by introducing a Code of Conduct (CoC). A CoC is a set of regulations governing corporate and business practices according to acceptable standards.

Our experienced auditors can help you introduce a CoC anywhere in the world. Enabling you to demonstrate your commitment to quality, safety and social compliance. This also opens up new opportunities for you to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of your organization.

Your benefit at a glance.

  • Tap into new opportunities.
  • Reduce operating costs as penalties due to non-compliance and rework go down and efficiency goes up.
  • Demonstrate your commitment to quality, safety and social compliance.
  • Earn the respect of customers, employees, stockholders, regulators and competitors.

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