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Air Stack Assessment

We are familiar with the relevant regulations that are applicable to Emission Testing, and we are able to provide valuable guidance to ensure environmental compliance at your facility. With our comprehensive and state of the art equipment, we ensure stack monitoring program based on internationally recognized protocols.

Stack air emission monitoring services include:

  • Highly experienced work force and most sophisticated instruments used to perform stack sampling at high flue gas temperature.
  • Inspection is monitored by automatic analyzer which helps get quick & accurate result
  • The stack air emitted from fuel fired stationary combustion sources like Boiler, Generator, Turbine, Stenter machine, Dryer and other stack points are analyzed for the following parameters: CO, CO2, NO, NOx, SOx, O2, Particulate Matter, Flue Gas Temperature, Excess Air.
  • Differential Flue Pressure and some other parameters as per client requirement
  • All analytical and on-site procedures are up-to-date and all equipment is calibrated accordingly
  • Taking several data in certain time interval for highly accurate & reliable result
  • The expert technical team perform on-site environmental inspection which provide our clients maximum confidence with reliable environmental solutions

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